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Your Gel Pillow Is Always Yellow? Then Be Careful!
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Your Gel Pillow is always yellow? Then be careful!
I ran to sleep when my hair didn't dry, and I'm sure many of the girls had done it. You may think it's okay, but the shanghai-mail household is telling you that the damage is huge. If you don't believe me, check it out.
The hazards of sleeping with wet hair
The Gel Pillow turns yellow
Wet hair is sure to soak up moisture into a Gel Pillow. Over time, the Gel Pillow naturally turns yellow and even moldy.
We know that Gel Pillows are also an important part of our sleep hygiene. There are cassia Gel Pillow, slow rebound Gel Pillow and so on, all to improve the quality of sleep, can bring a certain health benefits.
Instead, you're resting on a moldy Gel Pillow all day, so to speak, where you sleep on a Gel Pillow every day is a bug in your pillow! It sounds scary, but that's what it is.
2. Gel Pillow Grey hair
When you are young and beautiful, if one day you suddenly find yourself with white hair, don't sigh "red face is easy". Blame it on your sleeping at night. In the evening, when the hormone secretes the most, the melanin is secreted by the hormone, which causes the body to produce more melanin. The hair of Oriental is black to represent health, but if because of melanin secrete insufficient, Gel Pillow make hair more and more appear other color, explain the body has a problem.
When you go to sleep, because the hair is still wet, in the cold state, the melanin is difficult to secrete, long and long, can appear the phenomenon that the hair turns white. Here, small make up remind everybody girl, sleeping beauty sleep is important, but the maintenance of hair should not be ignored.
3. Headache
After washing your hair, Gel Pillow you choose to go to bed with wet hair. But the scalp's moisture has been evaporating and not stopping the brain's heat. It's easy to get the chill into your scalp and wake up the next day and find that the more you fall asleep, the less clear you are. I feel a distinct headache after getting up. It's all because you're in a hurry to go to bed early, to have a good spirit the next day, and to be stirred by a wet hair.
4. Catch a cold
If it's just a headache, Gel Pillow maybe a good night's sleep will ease it. But a cold, just a few days, severely affected the work efficiency of the next few days.
Why do you catch a cold? A large amount of water vapor in the head is vaporized, causing the head to suffer cold, and other parts of the body, such as respiratory tract. The respiratory tract feels the cool idea, will shrink the blood vessel, make the local blood circulation is not free, Gel Pillow so the resistance of the respiratory tract will be reduced. Bacteria in the respiratory tract are "waiting to move", multiplying in large Numbers, causing an upper respiratory tract infection, which is the common cold.
We do not know how much work we do to prevent colds, such as wearing masks, scarves and hats, adding and subtracting clothing according to weather conditions. Gel Pillow But the result is because of wet hair "enemy", and cause "unaccountable" cold, really should be protected from the disease.
5. Influence the next day's hairstyle
It's refreshing to have a clean, Gel Pillow clean hair when you wake up. But the wet hair was crushed overnight and it was like a nest. You'll have to spend more time on styling products like gel.
It's not advisable to go to bed without a hair. Maybe you'll say, what if you don't wash in the evening and the morning is more tense? I suggest you wash your hair early in the evening. While a long hair dryer may break your hair, it's better than getting sick.
Also, as long as the hair dryer is 30 centimeters above the hair, the damage to the hair is very small. The key point, as long as the weather is good, you need to get a Gel Pillow, after all, it's dealing with your hair and respiratory tract every day.