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Would You Choose Pillow? Tell You The Pillow Away From Cervical Spondylosis
- Oct 24, 2016 -

(Source health network • 39) "what kind of Pillow for cervical spondylopathy patients, good neck pillow, inflatable pillows good, cervical neck pillow can treatment? ”

First of all, choice of Pillow height is essential.

The height of the pillow and sleep-related, according to their usual supine sleeping position or lateral position much to choose. High needs support with hard pillows when sleeping on your side, need thinner pillows when sleeping; when sleeping on a pillow height, and his fist high, when sleeping on your side with one side shoulder contour, according to each person's physiological characteristics of course need to be adjusted accordingly.

Dang pillow of height high Shi, cannot keep cervical normal of Qian song radian, will aggravated cervical burden, increased back muscle tension, shoulder sore, headache, and dizziness, and tinnitus and the insomnia, brain neurasthenia,, aggravated cervical disease of symptoms; and Dang pillow height low Shi, will appeared neck shoulder of sore, also will makes head congestive, caused eyelid and facial Puffy, easy mouth breathing, appeared snoring of situation.

Secondly, the hardness of Pillow selection is also an important factor.