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What Is The Cotton Inside The Sofa Pillow?
- Dec 15, 2018 -

pearl cotton

Regarding the method of discriminating what the pillow filler is, in addition to the touch by hand, the practical eye can also basically discern what the pillow filler is. What is the pillow filling? In fact, compared with PP cotton, many friends will choose pearl cotton because pearl cotton is pearl-like, it is not easy to knot, and the elasticity of pearl cotton is better. When we are distinguishing the quality of pearl cotton, we mainly look at the color and bulkiness of pearl cotton. Generally, the pillow made of pearl cotton is used longer than PP cotton.

 silk scraps

Regarding what a pillow filler is, there is a class of fillers called silk scraps that are high-end products in the pillow filler. Pillows that generally use silk scraps as fillers are stiffer pillows. When many friends buy pillows, they are actually paying too much attention to the shape and style of the pillows. What is the pillow filling, this is often a problem that consumers will ignore. Why do we pay attention to what is the pillow filling? This is because different pillow fillers are limited in terms of comfort and time of use due to the difference in material properties.

foam particles

When you are in a shopping mall or a specialty store, you have a type of pillow that feels small and granulated, and it is also more flexible. So everyone knows what kind of pillow stuff is this? In fact, the pillows of this type of material are also seen by everyone. But what about this kind of pillow filling is probably not very well understood. In fact, the pillow filling with this characteristic is foam particles. It is only said that the price of pillows of such foam particles is generally more expensive. Moreover, a pillow with foam particles as a filler is generally difficult to stand upright, which is also a drawback of it.