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What About Adult Memory Foam Pillows? The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adult Memory Foam Pillow?
- Jul 10, 2017 -

What about Adult Memory Foam Pillows? The advantages and disadvantages of Adult Memory Foam Pillow?

While we question the pros and cons of Adult Memory Foam Pillows, many are unfamiliar with Adult Memory Foam Pillows. The so-called Adult Memory Foam Pillow is a latex cushion made from latex, which is processed by the factory to form our daily mattress. Here's a brief introduction to the pros and cons of Adult Memory Foam Pillows.

Advantages of Adult Memory Foam Pillow:

1: high flexibility, made into Adult Memory Foam Pillow latex with high elasticity, can satisfy the needs of different weight groups, its good support can adapt to various position sleepers. Adult Memory Foam Pillow contact human body area is much higher than ordinary mattress contact human body area, can disperse human body weight on average, have corrective bad sleeping position function.

2: germicidal sex: Adult Memory Foam Pillow can emit natural latex flavor, its fragrance makes a lot of mosquito not close, have certain insect repellent effect.

3: breathability: the air permeability of ordinary mattresses can lead to the breeding of mites, which can lead to skin diseases. And Adult Memory Foam Pillow good permeability, smooth surface, let mites do not attach. So Adult Memory Foam Pillows are very clean and tidy.

4: no noise: another feature of Adult Memory Foam Pillow is noise free, no vibration, and effectively improve sleep quality.

The drawbacks of Adult Memory Foam Pillows:

Compared with the Adult Memory Foam Pillow a lot of advantage, its shortcomings of trivial, Adult Memory Foam Pillow fundamentally unable to prevent oxidation, oxidation after surface easily to take off the little dander produce peculiar smell. In addition, Adult Memory Foam Pillows are prone to skin allergies. According to statistics, at least eight people in a hundred people are allergic to latex.

Import Thailand pure natural latex, using the global professional Dunlop latex technology, reliable, controllable, integration of standard automatic production assembly line, the production of the latex products support is superior, better air permeability. In the process of latex production, we have the exclusive formula, the natural vulcanization, 7 of the world's advanced automatic pipeline production process, can arbitrarily add the latex products of different sizes.

  Don't know, a see you may be surprised, seemingly ordinary Adult Memory Foam Pillow is bacteria "paradise", even clean up very clean family, home, bedding in the bed of the above there are a large number of mites breeding. The CCTV10 channel of CCTV 10 reported that there is a video introduction to the harmfulness of mites -- "three months and six million mites sleep with you" is not sensational! According to the world health organization, more than 80 percent of patients with allergic asthma, rhinitis and dermatitis are caused by mites.

You may wonder how can I write a paragraph above, actually this is due to see a report today, I say it's a woman ask dermatologist question: every morning, as long as a wake up, my daughter will be attached to a sneeze. When the weather is humid or sultry, it begins to get rashes, red and itchy. Went to the hospital to see, said to get "dust mite allergy"! I don't know what kind of dust mites in the house. A netizen on microblog also consulted: lie in the middle of the gun, a bed at least 2 million dust mites! Is it true that you should sleep with so many "little germs" every night?

In fact, these are facts, Adult Memory Foam Pillow anti-mite has been included in the international standard and the domestic Adult Memory Foam Pillow new standard. Because some Adult Memory Foam Pillow brand's anti-mite function can't be seen or felt, consumers are choosing between comfort and health when buying Adult Memory Foam Pillows. However, in fact, in the anti-mite function, some well-known Adult Memory Foam Pillow enterprises have already gone ahead of the standard, and have always attached importance to the anti-mite function. Many well-known brands are required to put special Adult Memory Foam Pillow anti-mite agent into the Adult Memory Foam Pillow according to the national standard, which has achieved better anti-mite effect. When choosing Adult Memory Foam Pillow, it is recommended that Adult Memory Foam Pillow with anti-mite function should be given priority.