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The Difference Between Adult Memory Foam Pillow And Ordinary Pillows
- Nov 03, 2017 -

The difference between Adult Memory Foam Pillow and ordinary pillows
In our daily life, the pillow can be said to be essential. Today, Adult Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers to talk to everyone about Adult Memory Foam Pillow and ordinary pillow What are the differences.
1 different material characteristics
Adult Memory Foam Pillow are made from memory foam (polyether urethane), developed by NASA in the 1960s and an open cellular structure with The characteristics of temperature-sensitive decompression and slow rebound can also be called as a temperature-sensitive decompression material.
Ordinary pillow is cheap but not practical, usually made of ordinary man-made fiber pillow, its advantage is easy to clean. As the chemical fiber material is not very breathable, the use of a long time easily deformed into pieces, the lack of flexibility, the pillow showed rugged state, especially some small manufacturers of inferior fiber pillow.
2 different appearance
Adult Memory Foam Pillow is designed according to ergonomics, the Adult Memory Foam Pillow on the market there are two common shapes. One is wave type, the other is butterfly type. Wave shape Low on both sides of the middle of the normal physiological curve of the human cervical vertebra Perfect support neck, low-end care to help keep the head and neck in the head and neck in a relaxed natural state. So that the blood can be circulated in the body effectively relieve fatigue, thus effectively protecting the cervical spine, to achieve the effect of easy health care during sleep.
Ask the traditional high in the lower four corners of the pillow to force the head padded by hand touch, you can feel there is a gap between the neck thrust and the pillow, the neck can not get support, the cervical spine is over-flexed or straightened natural physiological curvature will By the points caused by the shoulder, neck ether education; migraine; Shoulder arm tingling and other symptoms, and even lead to severe Yi push the disease.
3 different functions and useful life
Adult Memory Foam Pillow can play a better role in cervical spine protection. Relieve neck pressure. And can play a repair of cervical strain. This is the ordinary material of the pillow do not have. Ordinary pillow life in six months or so, Adult Memory Foam Pillow life is generally about 3 years.
Through the above adult memory bubble pillows manufacturers analysis, I believe we also know the difference between Adult Memory Foam Pillow and ordinary pillows, choose the right pillows for your sleep and health have a lot of vital role, for your health, Please select Adult Memory Foam Pillow head.
First, we can rest assured that this odor is absolutely no harm to the human body. The main material of Adult Memory Foam Pillow is temperature sensitive memory cotton, also known as polyether polyurethane. Has many excellent features, and therefore loved by many people. This material with a slight odor, coupled with the production and transportation closed in the confined space inside, will gather the smell of polyether polyurethane. After many authorities to detect this odor is harmless to the human body. Generally in the ventilation about 3-5 days the odor will be dispersed.
A good Adult Memory Foam Pillow core surface smooth, if it is not very rough pillow. However, if the back of the pillow bubble is normal, because Adult Memory Foam Pillow is produced by the mold, the process to deflate, will produce stomatal. Just the size of the stoma and the location of each pillow in different positions.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow weak warm general rebound time in 2-3 seconds, warm feeling Adult Memory Foam Pillow slow rebound time is generally 3-5 seconds. However, depending on the environment and climate, and different test methods vary greatly. For example, if the pillowcase is pressed and released, it will be released immediately for 3-5 seconds. If the pillowcase is removed, press directly on the pillow core and stop for 20 seconds before releasing the calculation time often exceeds 10 seconds. In addition, when the climate is dry rebound fast, when the climate is humid, slow rebound. Another example is the summer high temperature rebound fast, slow rebound slow temperature in winter.