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Sleep Good Head To The Baby Choose A Child Gel Pillow
- May 31, 2017 -

 Children Gel Pillow The parents have to believe that the first type of baby after the appearance of the baby has a great impact, so the baby was a child sleep when the head type, how to sleep head type, sleep head Type of what to pay attention to are the focus of attention Mom and Dad, Shanghai letter home memory pillow manufacturers Xiaobian want to remind you Mom and Dad is that there is a beautiful head type is important, but everything must be the baby's health Prerequisite Oh

  Baby sleeping head type, two points to note:

  1. reasonable and scientific sleeping position

  Mom and Dad afraid of the baby's head shape asymmetry, and more like to use supine, and now Europe and the United States and other countries and more advocate baby do not supine.

  Supine is prone to bias, resulting in the back of the head flat or cause the wind; supine is also easy because the baby needs to turn around the back of the head caused by asymmetry, the formation of migraine. In addition, if the baby spit milk, supine dirt easily blocked the baby's nose and mouth caused by danger, it should not be used.

  Prone position, can oppress the cheekbones, do not let the zygomatic bone overdeveloped to show the bridge of the nose towering, mouth and chin side lines straight. However, if the prone sleeping position, must have someone care, always pay attention to the baby's breathing is smooth, to prevent airway obstruction.

  As parents are always worried that the baby will suffocate, so it is willing to choose the side. Side will not cause the skull flat, will not make the forehead and occipital (back of the head) by extrusion, head contours beautiful; also can limit the excessive development of mandible, to prevent the cheeks too large and the formation of big cheek face. Take side, both sides should be timely, do not be fixed on a side, so as to avoid the head shape and face shape asymmetry, and pay attention not to deformation of the ear wheel pressure.

  2. Correct selection and use of pillows

  Children Gel Pillow Correct choice and use of pillows, both can help the baby to sleep out of a good head shape, more conducive to the baby's head blood circulation, to help regulate the nerve, body fluid metabolic activities to help the baby into the tranquil dream, sleep more sweet. On the contrary, the choice and use of inappropriate, not only affect the normal physiological activities, there may be some deformities.

  Born baby lying on the back and back of the head in the same plane, the baby head big, almost shoulder width, side of the head and body are also in the same plane, so this time there is no need to use the pillow. Baby grow to 3 months after the growth and development needs, should be started to use pillows. The middle of the market for the sale of the baby pillow on the baby's head shape has some effect. Small pillow height only in the 3 to 4 cm on it. Do not be too soft pillow, to sweat, ventilation. So, the baby's pillow, the outside should be cotton soft cloth, which can be filled with buckwheat, tea, chrysanthemum, aloe, kapok and so on.

  To know that the pillow is very important to the baby, it is the baby's head and cervical development have a great impact on the baby to choose a good pillow is the responsibility of the mother. Baby with a pillow is also pay attention to, different times the baby needs a different height of the pillow, and even the baby pillow material also has an impact on the child. Let's take a look at it!

  1. Choose a pillowcase pillow for your baby

  Baby development fast, metabolism is also strong, so sweat is also more, its dandruff and sweat easily attached to the pillow. Parents choose pillows for the baby, try to choose a small pillowcase pillow. This pillow to facilitate parents to wash, is conducive to the baby to improve the health of the growth environment. Parents remember to always clean pillowcases, and put it in the sun exposure, the use of sun for the baby pillow sterilization.

  2. Choose a natural pillow for your baby

  As the baby skull is relatively soft, fontanelle and skull seam is not completely closed, excellent pillow will hurt the baby's head, affecting the head of the beautiful. On the other hand, the baby sleeps too long to touch the pillow. Therefore, parents for the baby to choose pillow to be careful, and carefully read the description of the material, to avoid the baby inhalation of toxic substances within the pillow and poisoned. Parents should try to choose a clean and tasteless pillow for the baby.

  3. should not be used prematurely for the baby stereotypes pillow

  Baby sleep a long time, especially the smaller baby almost accounted for two-thirds of the time spent in sleep. Many mothers worry about the baby head easily deformed, choose to buy a pillow for the baby. In fact, the baby neck straight, but with the shape of the pillow but the baby's neck will be oppressed. And the main function of the pillow is to prevent the baby head deformation, to a certain extent, hindered the baby's head free activities. Therefore, parents should not be too early for the baby to prepare stereotypes pillow.

  4. Children Gel Pillow Choose pillows of different heights for babies of different ages

  Pillow is the main function of supporting the cervical spine, with the baby's growth, parents need to adjust the height of the baby's pillow. Born baby spine is straight, lying down will not lead to stiff, the baby will be more natural sleep. So this time should not be used for the baby pillow. But the baby grows to 3-5 months, the neck of the spine began to have a neck song, my mother can prepare a low head scarf for the baby as a pillow. If the baby appears spit symptoms, parents can also prepare for the baby scarf, which can reduce the symptoms of spit milk.