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Should A Baby Use A Children Gel Pillow?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Should a baby use a Children Gel Pillow?
It is better to sleep well than to eat well. It's easy to think of a Children Gel Pillow when it comes to sleep. Now the public opinion is that "baby sleep doesn't need a Children Gel Pillow." However, the baby always has to grow up and will need a Children Gel Pillow one day. So today, the question that children's gel pillow makers are talking about is whether the baby should be using a Children Gel Pillow. When should it be used?
1. Newborn babies don't need Children Gel Pillows
The spine of a newborn is straight and has not formed the physiological curvature of the spine. When a newborn is lying flat, the back and back of the head are on the same plane, and the muscles of the neck and back are naturally relaxed, so that the muscles tighten up and the rest of the body is not strained. The head of a newborn is generally bigger, similar to shoulder-width, regardless of flat sleep, side sleep will be more natural. However, the neck is very short, and the Children Gel Pillow can cause the neck to bend, affecting the newborn's breathing and swallowing, and even breathing difficulties.
Tip: baby in this period, the stomach is horizontal, and it is easy to inhale some air when sucking. The air in the stomach needs to be discharged, resulting in the overflow of milk. It's very likely to go back and block the airways. So every time you feed the milk, make a belch and put the air out.
In order to prevent the overflow of milk, the upper part of the baby can be placed higher, with a towel pad 2~3 cm. But beware: the upper body is high, not just the head.
2, 3~4 months baby can cushion the Children Gel Pillow
When the baby is 3~4 months, will begin to look up from time to time, the physiology of cervical vertebra begins to appear, then can pillow the Children Gel Pillow. The Children Gel Pillow is 15 centimeters wide, 30 centimeters long, height 1~3 centimeters advisable. According to the development of the baby, adjust the height from 1 cm and gradually increase the height. Suitable for children gel pillow can let the baby is in the same level of the head, neck, chest, and nose, chin, at the highest point, doing so will help keep the respiratory tract from the mouth, nose, throat to the unobstructed.
Tip: baby's long sleeping with a gel pillow, the body is not in a horizontal shape, which can affect bone development. Those rumors say that high Children Gel Pillow can shape the head type, not only ineffective, but harmful.
"This Children Gel Pillow is so beautiful!" Many mothers are choosing a Children Gel Pillow for their baby to see all kinds of beautiful Children Gel Pillows. Then imagine that the baby is sleeping on the top of the warm picture, and the silly buy home. Don't be attracted to beautiful "embroidered children gel pillow", we buy baby children gel pillow, is for the baby to sleep more healthy, more comfortable, here small make up recommend for everybody baby pillow, gel pillow manufacturer production by a child more at ease because love.
1, pillow core: the baby's gel pillow, on the pillow core can choose buckwheat skin, the rushes, the wood cotton, after the bubble leaves the dry tea, soft and hard moderate, breathable strong, and can absorb moisture. Our common cotton flocculation, feather and so on the pillow core is too soft, and easy to absorb dust, breeding mite bug, cause baby allergy. Other chemicals such as styrofoam and foamed plastics are more unsuitable. Pillow core is not easy to clean, but the same can breed bacteria and mold, especially when the baby falls asleep in the head sweating, sweat fluid infiltrates into the pillow core, so often air bask, change regularly.
2. Pillowcase: the pillowcase is directly to the baby's scalp and skin. It is best to choose a soft cotton cloth which is suitable for white or light color. The pillowcase is more susceptible to bacteria, dust, mites and germs because of direct contact with the baby. These can cause eczema, asthma, skin diseases and so on. So you can prepare a couple of sets, always change, and wash and disinfect, especially after the baby is overflowing with milk, vomiting or sweating.
And these excellent conditions just happen to our children gel pillow manufacturer can provide you with the assurance you need.
Good sleep posture can promote the growth and health of the baby. So what's the right thing to do? In general, there are three types of sleeping position: sleeping on the side, sleeping on the back, and sleeping on your stomach. There are pros and cons to each of these three positions, and you can't say which one is the best, and you can only say which one is right for your baby.