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Main Effect Of Memory Pillow
- Nov 21, 2018 -

1. Eliminate the pressure, ensure the correct sleep posture pad, get enough rest. When a person is lying on a pillow, the spine is the S-shaped natural physiological bending state when lying on the back, and the spine is straight and not bent when lying on the side. One third of the life's sleep time is the best way for the body to self-heal and self-care.

2. Temperature balance does not have to worry about wet sweating, cold hands and feet, and people with poor microcirculation are very suitable.

3. To prevent the formation of neck lines, women should pay attention to protect their neck.

4. Reduce the situation of snoring.

5. Children and children in growth and development use to prevent incorrect sleeping posture and prevent spinal deformity.

6. The elderly use to reduce heart pressure, prevent senile diseases caused by poor sleep, and do not oppress muscles, blood vessels, nerves.

7. Reduce interference during sleep.

8. Good air circulation, moisture, mildew, and mites. Protect your health.