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Keep Away From Cervical Spondylosis Should Start With A Pillow
- Jan 07, 2019 -

People go to work, work, farm, read, write, and even do housework, eating, and always bow down and bend the neck, which will cause a part of the cervical disc to be compressed. In this way, the ligaments and muscles behind the neck are always tightened. After a long time, I feel tired. Sleep is the time to relax and rest in the whole body. It is reasonable to let the cervical vertebrae relax under the physiologically bent natural state and rest fully.

If you put your pillow up high, it is almost the same as the low-head posture at work and life, and you can't talk about relaxing and resting. People sleep about 1/3 of their lives. If the long-term high pillow, long-term compression of the cervical intervertebral disc, chronic strain of the posterior ligament and muscle, the physiological curvature of the cervical spine changes, to a certain extent, hyperplastic spurs, hypertrophic ligaments may oppress the nearby spinal cord, nerve roots and blood vessels, I am suffering from cervical spondylosis without knowing it. Light neck, shoulder pain, pain, headache, blurred vision, numbness of the arm and fingers, pain, heavy walking, or walking on the cotton, or suddenly fell to the ground. In this way, it is really "high-slung and worrying."

So, how high is the pillow? This is related to everyone's sleep posture. For those who are used to lying on their backs, the height of the pillow should be the distance between the apex of the physiological curvature of the neck and the line connecting the head and the back, that is, the height of the apex from the plane of the bed to the neck after the physiological bending of the bed. For people who are used to lying on their side, the height of the pillow should be 1/2 shoulder width - the minimum width of the neck.

Pillows are commonly used bedding. Pillow pillows, as the name suggests, should be placed on the head. This seems to be a common sense that should not cause dissent. However, it is people who follow this "common sense" that has been ignored and brought a lot of troubles and caused many diseases.

When sleeping, the compressed cervical disc should be restored to its original shape, and the ligaments and muscles behind the strained neck should be relaxed. However, on the contrary, people put pillows under the skull, even high pillows, so that the front of the cervical disc continues to be stressed in the dream, so that the posterior ligaments and muscles of the neck continue to be damaged during sleep, so that it is extremely susceptible to cervical spondylosis. .

If you put your pillow on your neck, the result is very different. During sleep, the gravity of the head and neck will be decomposed along the physiological curve to the posterior part of the cervical vertebrae and the cervical intervertebral disc. The front of the cervical disc that is compressed during the day is naturally restored, and the neck behind the mahjong is strained. The ligaments and muscles are massaged while the pillow is subjected to gravity to relax and restore fatigue.