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Ice Gel Pillow Memory Foam
- Mar 04, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:LS-201

  • Brand:Linsen

Product Description
1. Produce name:

New products 2015 cheap wholesale ice cool gel memory foam pillow:

Gel formation and function: The formation of the gel is the protein, enzyme, protein, antibody, nucleic acids and other biological molecules, after tens of thousands of experimental determination and purification of fifteen chromatography, eventually to extract an object similar to a human skin and other specific results of material is solid, in liquid, antibacterial, constant temperature; Anti mite and high viscoelasticity makes him a rare material, known as the "skin" reputation; Gel durable, breathable, compressive, never deformation, do not fade, do not harden, not aging, not broken, do not contain plasticizers, does not stimulate the skin gel, and has constant temperature body unique, so it is warm in winter summer cool features.

Guangzhou Linsen foam products CO., Ltd

Product Name
Gel memory foam pillow
Item No.
100% Polyurethane, 100% Polyester
100% Polyurethane
60*35*9-11cm, Other Size is Available
60D or customized
Fabric Color
Beige, Pink, Sky blue(Other Color is Available)
Sample Cost
Should be Borne by Our Customers
Sample Freight
Should be Borne by Our Customers
Sample Lead Time
Approx 7 Working Days After Confirmed
Mass Production Time
About 30days Upon Receipt of the Deposit.

Products feature:

(1). Anti-mite----The gel surface effectively block all the dust and bacteria, to avoid the problem of long term breeding ground for bacteria absorb body moisture.

(2). Repair the neck pillow -----GEL using an exclusive formula, combined with three-dimensional support, perfect fit curve of the cervical vertebrae, repair of cervical problems efficiently. The structure of gel gel unique, provides a be hardly worthy of belief stability and unique mechanical properties.

(3). Pressure distribution ----GEL gel in a step-by-step way adjustment, to adapt to each person's shape, give a person a kind of "second skin effect", which is just like the skin of mobile and adaptation.

(4) Protect the skin ----GEL gel can soothe tired skin, and keep skin moisture is not external PH absorption, GEL gel does not stimulate the skin balance sebum secretion, anti allergy.

(5) NO dust---- Passed the Rohs and SGS esting certification authority, GEL gel safety environmental protection, no dust, protect the respiratory system

(6) Physical magnetic---- The physical gel magnetic effects play a very good sedative and analgesic effect, anti-hypertensive effect, lipid-lowering effect.

Textile industry standard: FZ/T62009-2003
Product safety standard: GB18401-2003B