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How To Clean Adult Memory Foam Pillow
- Jul 01, 2017 -

How to clean Adult Memory Foam Pillow
I believe that many people have used Adult Memory Foam Pillow, of course, people who have certainly been full of praise for him, adult memory bubble pillow is no doubt the benefits, but we will certainly worry about one thing, that is cleaning Adult Memory Foam Pillow head.
First talk about the shortcomings of traditional methods: to use several pots, take up space, clean up time and effort, careless will fall on the ground a lot.
Say the next wash foam skin trick trick:
1. Make a bag with gauze (window can also be), bag size and Adult Memory Foam Pillow size is almost (foam skin will not run around).
2. The foam in the pillow is divided into about three copies, each time to the gauze bag in the 1/3 of the foam skin (a pretend too much is not easy to clean).
3. Wash into the washing machine (washing machine convenient), of course, can also be hand wash in the basin.
4. After washing with a washing machine to dry (so dry faster).
5. On the bright sunshine, so that the foam skin thoroughly dried (summer generally a noon can be dried).
6. Re-load the dried foam skin into the pillow (and keep the Adult Memory Foam Pillow a dream).
Summer air humidity, Adult Memory Foam Pillow head easier than ordinary pillow bacteria, causing mites allergies. Children, allergies, asthma patients, and people suffering from urticaria, should be used with caution Adult Memory Foam Pillow head. Good Adult Memory Foam Pillow head, the foam shell to 80% or more. Foam shell is diamond-shaped hollow or triangular, mixed together, ventilation and ventilation, like the same as hollow brick. In addition, a good Adult Memory Foam Pillow head moisture content should be controlled below 14% to ensure that it will not mold in use.
Cheap Adult Memory Foam Pillow head more use of foam skin. Foam skin was flaky, poor ventilation, poor mobility, can not play the role of massage, but also easy to mix mixed soil, affecting health and comfort. Use a period of time, the wet air, saliva, sweat, etc., will penetrate into the pillow, so that it appears deterioration, black, raw insects, moldy and so on.
Buy Adult Memory Foam Pillow, in addition to select the appropriate size, sewing flat, do not leak the pillow of the filler, learn to determine the quality of foam shell is also particularly important. The method is as follows: Good foam shell is bright and neat. Two touch. Foam shell should be flexible and tough, hand rub is not fragile, no dirt and dust. Three smells. No mildew, smell of oil, insecticides and other residual odor.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow head of the effectiveness and role of one:
With the aroma of resuscitation, Huoxuetongmai, sedative and soothe the nerves, puzzle awakening, nursed back to health organs, and the role of regulating yin and yang and other drugs after special processing, as a pillow into the pillow, sleep pillow to achieve the effect of smell The This method of treatment is the traditional Chinese medicine four gas flavors, ups and downs and the theory of the specific application. Sleep, the head of the Adult Memory Foam Pillow the active ingredients of the pill out of the slow release of the ingredients, Its smell is light but not thin, long and not weak, clear and not turbid and not faint, scattered and not go.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow head effect and role of the two:
Due to the unique structure of the foam shell, which has a good permeability, and never deformation, plasticity, Dongnuanxialiang. "Pharmacopoeia" records: "bubble shell clear brain, eyesight, on insomnia, dreams, dizziness, tinnitus and other diseases with appropriate effect." According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, the bubble cold, cool non-toxic, foam shell for pillow, eyesight refreshing, Shujin active. Use Adult Memory Foam Pillow head can eyesight, heat soothe the nerves, promote sleep and so on. Modern medicine proved: long-term use of foam shell pillow, you can get rid of brains, refreshing, eyesight and significantly improve insomnia, migraine headaches, cervical spondylosis and other neck and shoulder muscle soreness and other symptoms.