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How To Buy A Good Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow?
- Jul 10, 2017 -

How to buy a good Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow?

The latex is a great sleep gift from nature. In Europe, people found to sleep can eliminate fatigue, must use the natural bedding, can provide continuous support and soft feeling, so every year, millions of europeans to buy pure natural latex bedding. Latex is the mainstream of the world's leading bedding and bedding. Its unique characteristic not only can satisfy consumer's demand, more can accord with "return nature" new life trend, that is respect oneself body, pursue the biggest comfort of life. Latex mattress has been spoiled by the market, it is the future bedding main trend. At present, the market is booming in China.

Latex is made from oak milk (every oak tree, only about 30cc a day), through the process of refining, fermentation, cooking, washing, cutting, etc. First discovered by the Spanish conquistadors, it was named "the tears of the tree". Latex is widely used in medical and health fields, such as baby pacifiers and medical gloves, Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow because of its natural and bacteriostatic properties.

Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow is a kind of green and environment-friendly household products that have become popular in recent years. So how can we buy the best quality adult memory foam pillow for our vast number of consumers who don't know much about it?

1, whether to be 100% natural latex synthetic latex comes from petroleum, natural latex comes from rubber tree. Natural latex gives off a faint smell of frankincense, closer to nature and more costly.

2, the production technology of most domestic latex products are closed pore structure, production process MPEBEDDING production technology and grey process of product quality is better, but due to the cost problem, the price higher.

3. The density pillow of the lydiya mattress bedding has the optimal density of 40-45, too small and not good. The optimum density of mattresses is around 80.

Among them, the density of the latex mattress is 60-70, which is soft and suitable for those who prefer soft mattresses.

The density of 70-80, suitable for those who prefer comfortable, Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow soft and moderate mattresses, is suitable for Asian use.

I. as some confusion about latex pillows on the market at present, Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow some synthetic foam, sponge pillow also known as latex pillow, latex pillows have synthetic milk and natural latex, when buying, should ask clear.

II. Only true latex pillow can disperse natural frankincense. There is no other material.

III. The real lediya latex pillow is a few thousand honeycomb pores that hold more air than other fibers.

It feels like skin.

Space memory foam pillow, natural latex mattresses, Adult Memory Foam Space Pillow adults are imported from Thailand's "three tree" quality latex, to high quality of sleep, sleep to the health of the consumer.