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Gel Pillow
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Gel is a solid in a liquid, it's special touch is unmatched by other materials, high viscoelasticity and special physical properties, which has very similar properties of human skin substances have also been dubbed "artificial skin" in the world. Currently, gel rubber for its good of personal sex, and Pro-skin sex and was widely application Yu medical field, civil few application Yu senior bra making, and a within surface slightly placed little gel rubber of bra price on up to 1500~3000 Yuan, current only Europe minority developed will gel rubber application to bedding of manufacturing among, mousse as global health sleep resources integration who, domestic manufacturers input development, invention has cost more low of production process, manufacturing has this hi-tech gel rubber pillow, service Yu China consumers. Combining the Coolist and Bio gel green gel's patented technology, providing a better quality of sleep. Let the Coolist show excellent performance