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For Health, Pillow Mattresses Cannot Be Used Casually
- Jan 07, 2019 -

At least one-third of a person's life is spent in bed. The two "intimate partners" who accompany you through the good and the bad are often unobtrusive, that is, pillows and mattresses that are rarely mentioned. But for people with spinal diseases, these two treasures are often the focus of attention, especially pillows, which are often the object of accusation. Some people keep changing pillows all night, but they will still be awakened by neck and shoulder pain and numbness.

The normal person's cervical vertebra has good adaptability, especially the soft and elastic cervical spine of the child, even if the pillow is not seen. But for people with problems with the spine, pillows are far more important than physical therapy, manual therapy, and medication. However, who can deny that inappropriate pillows have caused cervical spondylosis.

A suitable pillow height should be as high as a fist when lying flat, as high as a shoulder when lying on the side, and should support the neck in an arc. Because of the time when people sleep, people have to change their posture from time to time. It is difficult to do a pillow that meets this requirement.

The bed is a hard bed, but the human body is bumpy and it will even lick out the acne directly on the hard board. Some experts have tested it and can solve it satisfactorily by laying a 10 cm thick cushion. Most people like to sleep Simmons, if the spring strength is enough, it is good for fully eliminating fatigue.

Pillows and mattresses need to be kept clean and dry, requiring regular sun exposure, especially in sauna days. The right pillows and mattresses will keep you comfortable, relieve fatigue and stay healthy as soon as possible. Pillows and mattresses that are barely okay, although the body may be temporarily adapted, there will be spinal damage in the morning and evening.