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Do Not Put The Adult Memory Foam Pillow When Sleeping Too High
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Do not put the Adult Memory Foam Pillow when sleeping too high
Many people like to sleep when the Adult Memory Foam Pillow pad is very high, that this sleep is safe, sweet, in fact, "high pillow worry", it can easily cause a variety of diseases:
Neck before the Dayton. Long pillow, cervical long-term in a state of bending, prone to neck forward.
Cervical spondylosis. Long-term high pillow, susceptible to cervical spondylosis, the cervical spine head of the left side of the high side of the bias to the right side of the right side of the high pillow bias to the left, supine pillow is convex shallow, disappear, or even kyphosis.
Loss of pillow. Also known as pillow, due to sleep when the pillow is too high, after sleeping turned over, the head may slide down the pillow and a deviation from the trunk of the test, resulting in neck muscles are not pull pull, blood run blocked, so the morning Get up feeling neck activity is limited, turn not working, muscle tough, moving pain is unbearable.
To have a healthy sleep, it is best to check your pillow is not suitable. Pillow will easily lead to cervical spondylosis, low pillow easy to make blood supply is not balanced. Pillow hardness is also to pay attention.
If the pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a certain height, the cervical muscle is easy to feel tired, it is not conducive to sleep, and the head of the pillow is not comfortable, And head trapped here, will affect the blood circulation.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow brand using high-quality imported raw materials and advanced processing technology, according to ergonomic design, consistent head and neck curve, the effective decomposition of pressure.
Memory sponge pillow, also known as Adult Memory Foam Pillow, is a modern white collar, a long time with computer staff, or cervical spondylosis, sleep problems are essential health care products.
(NASA) to resolve the spacecraft and pilots who developed the pressure of materials, into the world of high-tech, it can cope with body temperature and pressure and shape, effectively to the human body pressure to zero pressure, offset the reactionary force.
To provide you with the most average, the real support, so that the body contact for a long time in a non-pressure state, does not prevent blood circulation and difficult to produce fatigue and soreness, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary turn over sleep.
According to ergonomic principles and the principle of the human body magnetic field, designed to paste the body of the various parts of the ideal pillow. There are breathable holes, soft and elastic. Excellent choice of materials, soft touch, fine processing.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow brand for all ages, very helpful to the health, especially to mention it is very very warm, the elderly to help the lumbar is also great, children grow more healthy, sleep really Fragrant.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow with a temperature, temperature is the temperature of the human body is sensitive, gradually become soft up, while absorbing the body to adjust the body to the most comfortable posture state. And for the lower part of the human temperature is not exposed to the part, it still maintain adequate support; memory pillow compression and subsidence, will not show a strong rebound.
 Adult Memory Foam Pillows and cushions, due to its comfort and health performance, more and more consumers. Slow rebound, in fact, is the memory of cotton, is a polymer polymer, this material is complicated, initially used in the spacecraft's chair. Slow rebound memory cotton has a mild and viscous characteristics, it is this feature, which makes the memory pillow and memory cotton cushions to enhance the role of health care, cervical lumbar bad friends, with this material pillow, the pain also ease effect.