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Deep Sleep: How To Sleep 4 Hours A Day
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Young people and old people have different sleep patterns, and young people have more concentrated deep sleep periods. I think this may be why young people prefer to stay up late, because after extreme fatigue, sleep is very efficient and easier to get into deep sleep.

However, if you learn to control your own sleep rhythm, when you fall asleep at 11:00-1, and enter deep sleep according to the following method, you will not feel energy during the day even if you have to get up early. The following is the turn.

Friends who need deep sleep do a few things before going to bed every day:

After breathing in bed, take a deep breath 3 times, each exhalation is not less than 7 seconds, each inhalation is not less than 8 seconds, the breathing should be even, delicate, long;

Simple and objective review of the day's things, then relax, body posture Zhou Zheng, arms flat on both sides of the body, the legs naturally unfold, do not cross, press stack, face up, chest and abdomen do not cover thick quilt, cover thickness And the weight should be even.

The eyes are light, the focus is on the back of the head, and gradually move to the lower abdomen, and finally focus on the middle part of the navel and the lumbar eye, and then spread to the whole body, the whole body is warm and comfortable, then confused, into deep sleep, about 4 hours After that, the brain turns back to normal sleep state. At this time, your day's sleep requirements are fully replenished, which can satisfy 20 hours of work.