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Children Memory Foam Pillow Why Is The Pillow Long Life Longer Than Usual?
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Children Memory Foam Pillow Why is the pillow long life longer than usual?
Many of the family's pillows have been replaced for a long time, ordinary pillows in the long-term use will breed bacteria, mites and the like micro-organisms. They rely on scalp and dirt to survive. For their own health, Children Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers recommend you use memory cotton pillow, because the memory cotton with anti-bacterial anti-mite effect, the normal maintenance of the case, the quality of Children Memory Foam Pillow life can be maintained for 3-5 years. Medical experts suggest that, from a clean point of view, Children Memory Foam Pillow two years to change once a week to dry once to ensure the cleanliness of the pillow. Exposure will greatly shorten the life of memory cotton, try to be placed in the sun and gentle ventilation can be, pillow core without cleaning.
Ordinary pillow for a long time, 18 months to 2 years between the pillow support strength will change, the pillow needs to constantly beat it to restore the status quo, but after the pillow began to collapse. Children Memory Foam Pillow normal 3 years will not happen deformation, but also follow the human neck, at any time to adjust the shape of the body fit the normal physiological curve.
Ordinary pillow can not be absorbed, children memory Foam Pillow breathable, because the memory cotton with an open cell structure, each cell unit is interconnected, excellent moisture absorption, but also breathable, so that sleep to keep clean and comfortable environment, For the human skin also play a breathing effect.
Currently on the market Children Memory Foam Pillow head is very hot, the major shopping malls are sold. Children Memory Foam Pillow is an indispensable household items for everyday sleep, but many of my friends do not know how to discern Children Memory Foam Pillow. Children Memory Foam Pillow Xiaobian is an expert.
Look at pillowcases
First look at the pillow of the material, the general Tencel or bamboo fiber fabric pillowcase is better, if the price of polyester pillowcases will be cheaper. Look at the pillowcase sewing work is easy to fit and zipper is easy to use.
2. Look at the pillow core
Pillow core is generally divided into two kinds. One is no lining, you can directly see the memory cotton core. Depends on whether the inner surface of the inner surface is smooth, if rough it is not very good pillow. Look at the surface of the bubble, there are bubbles is normal, because the Children Memory Foam Pillow is produced with the mold, the process to deflate, will produce pores. Just stomatal size and position of each pillow in different positions. One is lined with the general business map convenience, cost savings will be lined with pillow core together, lined with no zipper, so we can not see the memory cotton core. In order to see the full we better open to see.
3. See the slow rebound characteristics of Children Memory Foam Pillow
Children Memory Foam Pillow after the force, not immediately restore the original shape, but more slowly to restore the shape. When you buy, you can press the Children Memory Foam Pillow, feel it is slow rebound. Slow rebound time in 3-5 seconds more appropriate.
4. feel and temperature sensing
Children Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers say good slow rebound memory cotton feel very comfortable, the feeling will be more delicate and smooth, there will be a wet feeling, like pinching on the flour group, almost slow rebound or feel a little Announced, or some stiff. At the same time, high-end slow rebound Children Memory Foam Pillow also has a good temperature sensor, will increase with the temperature and become more soft, when the body and slow rebound material contact, with the body temperature, the pillow will be more soft , Can better fit and support the cervical spine.
5.Children Memory Foam Pillow Density
Children Memory Foam Pillow density is a very important factor, is the basic indicators of high-end slow rebound material, relatively speaking, the higher the quality of the better quality, but the density of Children Memory Foam Pillow 30D-120D range, high-quality children Memory Foam Pillow density is generally above 80D, of course, do not blindly trust density or weight, because the quality is good or bad with the use of raw materials whether the entrance, which country what company entrance, production technology, production technology and so on.
6.Children Memory Foam Pillow Odor
Children Memory Foam Pillow's material is polyurethane foam, just have a certain smell, it is inevitable.As the newly bought shoes and clothes, Children Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers can not put each Children Memory Foam Pillow in the sales are out before the breathable, ventilated, drying, the smell will generally disappear in 1-2 weeks. But if the past month, this smell is still there, not completely dispersed, you have to consider this is not the quality of the problem.