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Baby Sleep At Night May Be Children Memory Foam Pillow No Election Right
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Baby sleep at night may be Children Memory Foam Pillow no election right
What is the new child with Children Memory Foam Pillow good? This little knowledge is a lot of 80 after the parents do not know, that beautiful is expensive is good. Now children Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers Xiaobian teach parents how to choose their own baby for their own appropriate Children Memory Foam Pillow, so that children greatly improve the quality of sleep.
First, Children Memory Foam Pillow height changes with the baby's age
Baby's Children Memory Foam Pillow height should be adjusted according to different age, too high or too low will affect the smooth breathing and neck blood circulation, resulting in poor quality of sleep.
(1) 3 months, you can choose 1 cm height of the Children Memory Foam Pillow
(2) 7 months, you can choose 3 cm height of the Children Memory Foam Pillow
Xiaobian recommend you all the use of children's mother treasure Foam Pillow baby out of the pillow, all-round for the baby to provide the best quality of sleep, the baby pillow height density are designed by the Commissioner and by the staff level Out.
Second, Children Memory Foam Pillow size and shape similar to the head type
The width should be equal to the width of the baby shoulders, or slightly wider. Too loose and large Children Memory Foam Pillow, it is possible to make the age of small baby suffocation; In addition, Children Memory Foam Pillow and head contact position should be made with the back of the head similar shape.
Third, the pillowcase to absorb sweat breathable texture is appropriate
Pillowcase is best made of soft white or light cotton fabric, easy to moisture breathable. Baby easy to spill milk, drooling or sweating, pillowcases need regular cleaning, so you can buy more than two pillowcases spare.
Fourth, Children Memory Foam Pillow easy to clean
Children Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturers remind you: baby pillowcase, pillow core is to always wash and dry. Infants and young children with strong metabolism, head sweating more, easy to soak when sleeping Children Memory Foam Pillow, sweat and dandruff mixed, easy to make some pathogenic microorganisms and mites, dust and other adhesion on the pillow, spread the smell, even Induce bronchial asthma or cause skin infections to bacteria.
 I do not know from when, parents who have a higher pursuit of the baby's head, want your baby has a round head type, that this looks more beautiful, today Children Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers Xiaobian for you How to give your baby pick up Children Memory Foam Pillow.
  Head to sleep is actually a particularly common thing, many babies will have, but some baby obvious, some babies are not so obvious. In addition to a few particularly serious cases, generally the first sleeping bias will only affect the first type only, will not affect the development of the brain. For the safety and health of the baby's consideration, in the selection of Children Memory Foam Pillow need to pay attention to the following principles.
Length and width to be appropriate
  Children Memory Foam Pillow height should be adapted to the baby's necklace, it is best to let the baby's head and body at the same level. To the baby's Children Memory Foam Pillow generally can start from the height of 3 cm, the width should be the same with the baby's head length, length needs more than the baby's double shoulder width.
  With the development of the baby, parents should be timely to adjust the size and height of Children Memory Foam Pillow, do not start to give the baby with adult Children Memory Foam Pillow, do not have a Children Memory Foam Pillow immutable.
So too soft Children Memory Foam Pillow can not choose, but too hard is not good, long-term use of the powerful Children Memory Foam Pillow, easy to make the baby soft skull deformation.
To the baby to pick Children Memory Foam Pillow, you can put the baby's head pillow in the Children Memory Foam PillowChildren Memory Foam Pillow on the observation, if the baby's head and Children Memory Foam Pillow naturally close, the degree of depression did not exceed 3 cm , That the degree of soft and hard is appropriate.