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Advantage Memory Pillow
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1. absorbs the impact, pillow top feels like floating on the surface or in the cloud, the skin feels no pressure; also known as the zero pressure, sometimes we use ordinary pillows with oppressing Auricular, but with slow springback pillow will not happen.

2. memory distortion, fixed-head automatic contouring capabilities can reduce stiff neck may automatically the ability to properly fill plastic shoulder space, avoiding FAQ bed air leakage at the shoulders, can effectively prevent cervical problems.

3. anti-bacterial resistance, slow sponge inhibit mold growth and ward off the pungent odor of mold growth when there is sweat saliva and other circumstances, is more prominent.

4. the air moisture, because each cell units are interconnected, hygroscopic property of perfect and is breathable, effective sleep disturbance of sleep such as snoring happens