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Adult Memory Foam Pillow Product Defects Appear Obvious
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Adult Memory Foam Pillow product defects appear obvious

Adult Memory Foam Pillow with light weight, good flexibility, heat insulation and other characteristics, in recent years in toys, puzzles and mats and other children's products widely used in the field, at the same time, adult memory foam pill products toxic events have repeatedly reported, triggered Global attention, for Adult Memory Foam Pillow made of a series of restrictions on children's products also continued baked.

  April 23 this year, Canada issued a "Consumer Product Safety Act" amendment, will prohibit the production, import or sale of tris (2-chloroethyl) phosphate flame retardant (TCEP) polyurethane foam (PUF) children's products ; March 1, Taiwan issued regulations, sales in Taiwan, Adult Memory Foam Pillow children's products in the form of formamide residues should not exceed 2ppm. As early as 2009, 2011 and 2013, Belgium, France, the United States and other countries have repeatedly published on Adult Memory Foam Pillow children's products in the toxic and hazardous substances in the limited regulations, almost infants and young children essential supplies Adult Memory Foam Pillow puzzle Mats are in Belgium and France were large-scale "ban."

  Adult Memory Foam Pillow generally made of polyethylene (PE), ethylene - vinyl acetate (EVA), polyurethane (PU), polystyrene (PS) and other materials made by the foam process of plastic products, the material itself is non-toxic, but Due to the special process and flame retardant performance requirements, enterprises blindly add foaming agent, flame retardants, plasticizers and other additives, resulting in the product suffering from chemical residues. Studies have shown that residual formamide may cause skin irritation and allergies, endanger the central nervous system and reproductive system in children; TCEP is carcinogenic, mutagenic and other hazards.

  Ningbo children's products in the global competition in a firm foothold, the annual export volume of more than 500 million US dollars, according to incomplete statistics, the first 5 months of this year, only exports of plastic toys about the value of 12.85 million US dollars, many of them Adult Memory Foam Pillow toy. With the ban on adult memory bubble pillow calls are rising, the product encountered notification and return and other "touch the reef" risk also increased significantly, is expected to produce no small impact on the relevant products. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind enterprises: First, earnestly study the relevant technical regulations and standards, to increase the scope of the new regulations of the country details, technical requirements, testing methods to improve product anti-risk ability. Second, to strengthen the use of materials, the nature of the harm, and other theoretical study, attention to raw material selection, product design and production and other aspects of the quality control, to pay special attention to the review of raw material suppliers, clinging to the source. Third, strengthen the inspection and supervision departments and third-party testing organizations to communicate, to strengthen product quality inspection, to avoid the flow of products into the market.

  At present, China's Adult Memory Foam Pillow products such as formamide and other toxic and hazardous substances limit is not clearly defined, the market quite a mixed bag, many product quality worrying, parents should be more careful in the purchase, to avoid security risks. Relevant departments should develop our standards as soon as possible to ensure the safety of consumers.

  Recently, the United States Washington, DC will introduce new regulations, prohibit the use of restaurants and grocery store with polystyrene adult foam pillow made disposable lunch boxes and beverage bottles. This provision is designed to protect the environment and maintain sustainable development in the region.

  Prohibited the use of disposable Adult Memory Foam Pillow box also includes Seattle, San Francisco, while the EU is also actively solve the problem.

  From the recent report of the British Guardian, Washington Mayor Vincent Gray launched a package of environmental protection policies and was approved by the City Council, which prohibit the use of disposable Adult Memory Foam Pillow box is the policy of the important component.

  Government regulations, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, mobile dining car can not use a one-time Adult Memory Foam Pillow lunch boxes and beverage bottles. Among the many plastic foam packaging brands, Styrofoam is the most famous, and the most widely used range.