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Adult Memory Foam Pillow Function Physical Details
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Adult Memory Foam Pillow function physical details

Memory pillow also called slow rebound pillow, also known as space memory pillow. But the name of the pillow is difficult to imagine the pillow look, but the slow rebound to illustrate the pillow's biggest feature: the head pillow down again, the pressure will go slowly part of the rebound rather than all of a sudden Rebound back, and for a long time to remember the shape of your head naturally forming a most suitable for your head groove, so called memory pillow, not pillow can improve memory Oh ~ ~ As for the space pillow the name, Said it was feeling: feeling, sleep with this pillow feeling like roaming in space as comfortable, the head almost no pressure, especially for the elderly to use. Adult Memory Foam Pillow can effectively prevent the disease, suitable for office workers compatriots, these are not boasted out of the function, are physical principles.

    (1) thermal performance

    Adult Memory Foam Pillow in the temperature also has a special performance, as some information said: contains warm feeling slow rebound memory particles, Adult Memory Foam Pillow in 5-10 minutes to respond to your temperature, hardness Body temperature induction, when the temperature reaches about 37 degrees, its soft performance is suitable for the human body feeling, and when leaving the body temperature drop, the slightly hardened. Adult Memory Foam Pillow in the temperature of another performance, it is more peculiar, summer, the skin contact Adult Memory Foam Pillow will feel cool, as if wet; winter feel warm, but will not feel hot.

    (2) mechanical properties

    Adult Memory Foam Pillow main product physical properties, like the Chinese "slow rebound sponge" is described as a slow rebound, which is a term designed for Adult Memory Foam Pillows, which means mechanical properties Aspect: When the Adult Memory Foam Pillow by external oppression deformation, it will not immediately rebound, but delayed a few seconds and slowly restore, so we hand pressure adult foam pillow, you can see their fingerprints, like adults Memory foam pillow can remember the shape of the thing that oppresses it, and the name "Adult Memory Foam Pillow" also comes from it. Adult Memory Foam Pillow slow rebound performance causes, mainly due to its special microstructure - honeycomb structure: under the microscope, Adult Memory Foam Pillow the smallest unit, composed of small cell chamber (unit) The cell wall of the cell can contain air, but only the micropores communicate with the outside and other cells, and the size of each cell is very homogeneous. And ordinary sponge within the small unit of gas between the smooth or isolated great difference in the atmospheric pressure, the gas out of the cell determines the Adult Memory Foam Pillow main mechanical properties. The air is squeezed out of the cell, the cells are flattened, although the external force has been eliminated, the cell wall also has a reduction of elasticity, but because the vent hole is small, the air can not quickly return to the cell, the cells can not quickly restore shape, The strength of the bomb is suppressed, the material deformation recovery time is extended. Commonly used material performance inspection method is to use the palm of your hand to press the Adult Memory Foam Pillow and then open and found a handprints appear clearly in the Adult Memory Foam Pillow surface, seems to have been plastic, but after a reply, no trace And the complete restoration of mechanical properties, and biological material creep is quite different.

    (3) moisture absorption performance

    Adult Memory Foam Pillow moisture absorption performance is superior, if it is a sponge, wet soon after you can dry, Adult Memory Foam Pillow will take a long time, after the very heavy draft, washing machine is difficult to dehydration. Adult Memory Foam Pillow is breathable, which is to ensure that its slow rebound mechanical properties of the first conditions, the skin after a long time to feel comfortable after contact can prove

These functions are well-founded, is not business hype boasted out of the birth of a new product, are gathered how many people hard study and the wisdom of thousands of years of crystallization, we have to believe their own science, I believe Own choice. Memory pillow, the elderly children office workers necessary, you, with no?