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Adult Memory Foam Pillow And Latex Pillow Which One Do You Choose?
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Adult Memory Foam Pillow and latex pillow Which one do you choose?
Buy pillow, we often ask such a question "Adult Memory Foam Pillow and latex pillow which" these two kinds of materials have a lot of similar pillows, for example, are high-end products, the price is more expensive; for example, they have A lot of advantages, such as to promote sleep, protect the spine, relieve pain, anti-bacterial anti-dust mites and so on. Memory cotton and natural latex What are the characteristics of it? How to choose from it? Adult Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers Xiaobian for you a brief introduction.
Memory cotton is a synthetic material, from the US Space Agency, was originally used to reduce the astronauts in the flight to bear the physical pressure. Memory cotton is made of polyurethane. Natural latex is derived from rubber tree sap and is a natural environmental material.
Memory cotton is a warm sense of material, in the body temperature and the role of body pressure, will form a shape consistent with the contours of the body. This can be an average dispersion of body weight, reduce body pressure; thus play to promote sleep, protect the spine, relieve the role of body pain. As the memory cotton has the function of thermal insulation, its drawback is that it may feel hot.
Natural latex also has the role of decentralized body pressure, so there is also the role of promoting sleep, relieve pain. But this effect is weaker than the memory of cotton. But the natural latex breathability is very good, sleep up Dongnuanxialiang, this is just the shortcomings of memory cotton. Other advantages of natural latex there are high comfort, long life, anti-allergy and so on.
On the price of the words, high-quality Adult Memory Foam Pillow and latex pillow is not the same. But are higher than other materials of the product.
Adult Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturers recommend that you choose Adult Memory Foam Pillow for the purpose of protecting the spine and relieving cervical spondylosis. In general, Adult Memory Foam Pillow has a slow rebound and temperature characteristics, you can better fit the body curve, to achieve full support, so that the spine in a natural state of relaxation in order to enter the deep sleep. Latex does not have the effect of slow rebound, its high elasticity is a major drawback. We can personally experience to compare, so help to find the most suitable for their own pillow.
Speaking of the case, it will be remembered that group of poor office to work family, think of that terrible cervical disease. Therefore, the pillow is actually equal to the case. If you sleep too much use of Adult Memory Foam Pillow, equivalent to the entire sleep time are forced to bow, head to the left or to the right side of the state, which violates the cervical curvature of the physiological, equivalent to work during the day But also to the neck to add an additional burden.
Sleep is the time to rest the body, but if you have been too high pillow Adult Memory Foam Pillow, even the rest of the cervical spine is not relaxed, which of course easily lead to cervical problems, and even cause headaches and cervical rotation obstacles.
So high pillow is not enough, too low pillow and how? Similarly, too low pillows do not even use Adult Memory Foam Pillow, will make people stay in the long hours of sleep, head to the left or to the right side of the state, "for those who work to bow down, People temporarily feel very comfortable, but continued so, the neck ligament for a long time taut, but also against the cervical spine.
High pillow, low pillow are not good, then what kind of pillow asleep? Adult Memory Foam Pillow manufacturers believe that the correct pillow of the pillow "is not a pillow, but pillow neck", the correct height and pillow method to ensure that people in the supine and lateral cervical normal curvature of the cervical spine to maintain the neutral position Neck, shoulder muscles and ligaments can get a good rest. The most appropriate pillow height should be in the 10 cm or so. For patients with mild cervical spondylosis and those who wish to prevent cervical spondylosis, antagonistic activity is the best choice. In other words, often bow to the case of people, should be every 30-45 minutes to move up activities. In addition, playing badminton, flying kites, swimming breaststroke, etc. are beneficial to the activities of the cervical spine.