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Space memory pillow primary efficacy
- Oct 24, 2016 -

1. relieve pressure, ensure proper sleep posture mat, get plenty of rest. When the person is lying on the beauty Sakura pillow when supine is the natural physiological s-curvature of the spine when status, when the side is straight no lateral curvature of the spine. One-third sleep time of life in the body can repair themselves and self care the best way.

2. temperature balance need not worry about humid sweating, cold hands and feet, poor microcirculation crowd is applied.

3. Prevention of neck veins, Lady needs to protect his neck.

4. reduce snoring.

5. the growth period of children used to prevent incorrect sleeping posture, prevent spinal variants.

6. use reduces heart oppression, prevention of age-related diseases caused by poor sleep, will not oppress the muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

7. reduce interference when sleeping.