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Selection of pillows is fastidious
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Washington, the high incidence of cervical spondylosis is almost modern, some experts said, which in addition to daily neck posture is not right and low activity correlation, and pillows have a great relationship. Reporters yesterday in Nanjing, some bedding area shopping malls and supermarkets visit found that selection of pillows quite exquisite.

When faced with such a wide variety of pillows, and how to choose it? Remind the person about the industry, pillow tips to buy a lot, such as the pillow into soft and hard pillows, neutral, a special pillow type, pillow filler is usually silk, feather, silk cotton, very soft; special pillows are double-sided dual-use customized, three composite, 3S, for cervical discomfort. In addition, the pillow is the best height, adults with Pillow when supine 1520 cm, side sleeping pillow 20 15 cm in height. (Kong Xiaoping)