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Memory foam pillows in space and maintenance methods
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Pillows, as indispensable to the people living in the household, and the number of components, such as bedding the family bed. For bedding, Liang Sun, people only pay attention to clean bedding, pillow covers, pillow cases, but few pillows "please" to the outside air, drying. As everyone knows, every night sleep, pillows bedding foul breath through "choke points", and people sleep, breath is not pure gas in large quantities into, as well as the scalp secrete perspiration, dirt, make pillows a "dirty," the "dirty" places. Only cleaning outside of the pillow and pillow case, just "stopgap" pillow of foul breath but can't get rid of, so the pillow has become the modern family, one of the most clean, called "pillow health blind spots", deliberately making pillow drying bags designed specifically for family to hang out their own pillows. Particular attention should be paid is that if there is respiratory, gastrointestinal or head skin were infectious diseases, bacteria and viruses are also the dye on the pillow, and has the potential to lead to cross infections between spouses or children. It is recommended that you regularly disinfect the pillow, maintaining health, families with conditions, in addition to more pillow, pillow should be regularly replaced, according to medical experts recommend that pillows at least once every two years, the best print, once a week.