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Memory foam pillow space correct sleeping position
- Oct 24, 2016 -

Low resting on the head, high in the neck

1. lie on your back it is understood that 60% chose supine sleeping position, which is doctor-recommended best public position. Advantages: no oppression of Zang-Fu organs of the body. Cons: easily lead to tongue down, blocking breathing. Do not adapt to the crowd: snoring and persons with respiratory diseases.

2. prone 5% chose to lie face down, and sleep. Advantages: pointed out that these sleepers people will feel safe to sleep also helps foreign bodies out of the mouth and are good for people with lumbar problems. Disadvantages: stress on the heart and lungs, affect breathing and suffered from heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis are not easy to select front.

3. the left side the doctor believes that sleeping like this easier to toss and turn during sleep, resulting in erratic sleep. Moreover, because the human heart is located in the left side of his body, lying on the left side will stress on the heart, so it is a very unhealthy position. Advantages: no disadvantages: stress on the heart, stomach, especially for people with stomach problems, acute liver disease, gallstone patients prone to lying on the left side.

4. right side 25% of people sleeping towards the right. Advantages: no stress on the heart, sleep with a sense of stability. Disadvantages: effects of lung movement on the right side, not suitable for patients with emphysema.