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Buy space memory pillow tips
- Oct 24, 2016 -

A, density: density is a is important of factors, relative for, density more quality on more good, but memory pillow of density has 30D-120D ranging, and many stores are false density, Amoy friends are hard identify, most simple of method is same specifications of memory pillow said weight, general good of adult memory pillow in 1KG above, but Amoy friends are also to note stores false weight, as some stores title wrote "120D high-density memory pillow, net weight 1400g", But baby described in 1.3KG, real may not 1.2kg the ... well, don't blindly trust the weight, because the quality and use of raw materials are imported, which States what the company imports, production technology, production technology, and so on.

Second, the hand: good pillow pillow hand pinch and you'll feel fine and smooth

Three, pillow core appearance: good of memory pillow pillow core of surface gap is small, gap small of memory pillow relative for to better. most intuitive of method is put pillow of within sets split down check about pillow core, case stores with some "deficiency arm less leg" of Pillow core to cheat customer, some stores will put within sets and pillow core with sewing up, not let everyone see pillow core, such of Pillow core on has may is old has, dirty has, and is defective, foreign trade more than goods and for quality problem of foreign trade return products but not as of, members Amoy friends are to caution Oh.